Our Solutions For Logistics

Soteria leverages a combination of cutting-edge hardware and software systems for live monitoring of logistical operations. We track the shipment and consignments in real-time 24×7 from any location. The IoT sensors give us access to relevant data such as temperature, barometric pressure, vibration, shocks, and location, keeping us updated about the condition of the shipment. Our team lets you know if any of your assets go off route with exact information about its location.
    • Perimeter Monitoring
    • SOS Monitoring
    • Heavy Vehicle Monitoring
    • Attendance System
    • Crowd Gathering
    • Small Vehicle Access Control
    • PPE Protocol Monitoring


    • Speed Monitoring
    • Best Route Management
    • Non-Compliance Monitoring
    • Heavy Vehicle Monitoring
    • Small Vehicle Access Control
    • Online Status Viewing Portal