GPS Monitoring Solutions

Soteria offers a fusion of GPS and GIS-based solutions, enabling real-time monitoring of moving vehicles, emergency alarms with location from employees and checks for exceptions as per individual business needs of logistics or ITES. The solution is a combination of GPS, CCTV, intrusion, mobility and response modules ensuring security and operational compliance.

All-time Location History

Track routes in real time

Reduce Fuel consumption

Ensure safer & faster delivery

Reduce maintenance cost

How it works

Benefits of GPS monitoring solutions

Personalized dashboard


Real-time Insights & Alerts

Link Multiple Vehicles

all time location history

Regulation compliance

Custom Solutions For Every Industry

One-size-fits all is passé. Today, every industry has its own set of unique functioning, practices, and processes. Our broad industry experience equips us to deliver custom solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the complex requirements of each customer’s business.